Paint Protection Film aka Clear Bra invisibly protects your new car’s finish
from chips caused by common road debris.



Paint Protection film, also known as clear bra or PPF, is optically a clear film originally designed to protect the leading edges of military helicopter blades from debris during take off and landing in remote areas.  Now formulated for automotive use, the clear film is highly effective in protecting vehicle finishes from common road debris such as gravel, sand, salt, and small stones that can significantly cause unsightly damage over time. 

Unlike conventional black vinyl bra’s, clear paint protection film is virtually invisible and does not alter the look of your vehicle. The film is normally applied to the most damage prone areas of the car such as the front bumper, hood, fenders, side-mirrors, and headlights. Once applied it requires not much more care than the regular washing and waxing of the car.  Our films come with a minimum 5 year warranty. 



Why do some installers charge more than others? 

Properly applied paint protection film is virtually invisible in appearance. Installation requires skill and experience to reduce or eliminate installation errors such as lift lines, dry spots, stretch mark, and bubbles which would make the film unsightly and more visible. Also, only an experienced installer can ensure smooth lines and reduce the need for relief cuts. Installers just starting out may use a low price to gain customers so you get what you pay for.

Will the film damage my paint? 

Our film manufacturers guarantee no damage to original manufacturers paint during normal installation and removal. If your car has required paintwork due to an accident, the guarantee must come from the shop who performed the painting. Also, there are no UV inhibitors in the film. Covered areas of your vehicle will fade the same as uncovered areas so no difference will be seen if the film should be removed for some reason. 

What areas should I cover? 

Areas most prone to damage include the front portion of the hood and fenders, front bumper, side mirrors, and headlights. Other prone areas include the the a-pillars, rocker panels, rear bumper loading area, front portion of the roof, under the door handles, and door edges.

When should I have clear bra applied to my car? 

Though it can be applied anytime, it is best to apply while your finish is new or relatively undamaged.  Many times, our customers drop off their vehicles straight from the dealership.

Where can you apply the clear bra? 

You can schedule an appointment with us for installation at our shop in San Jose, CA. We can also perform mobile installations at your location as long as you have a clean covered area we can work in with access to water and electricity. We service customers and dealerships throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is the difference between pre-made kits and bulk? 

Kits allow for easier installation depending on the shape of the vehicle. Bulk installation may be required for better coverage and it requires an installer to custom cut a sheet of film on the car allowing for a closer fit and wrapped edges where a kit may not have been designed to do so. Bulking requires different skills as damage to the vehicle may occur with less experienced installers.  Elite Auto Films specializes in both types of installations.  We only use the best kits and are frequently required to perform bulk installations for customers with custom vehicles and for those wanting the best installation possible.